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Live Online September 18th - 19th

The 2020

Wize Women Expo ONLINE EVENT!

WATCH ONLINE: Two amazing days of presentations from women investors with one goal in mind: Help Each Other Build Wealth!



Women Helping Women!


Our mission with the Wize Women Expo is simple:
 Create a line-up of female wealth-building speakers ready to help women gain the knowledge to invest with confidence! All while delivering information online with free access.

Your Financial Legacy Starts Here.

Develop the confidence to invest wisely!


We are bringing successful female entrepreneurs and investors to you in an exclusive online event.


And do you want to know the best part?


It is absolutely FREE to attend. 


Learn how women, just like you are:

  • getting out of debt
  • creating cash flow
  • buying and selling real estate
  • profiting from private mortgage notes
  • building a stable retirement portfolio
  • investing tax-free with self-directed Roth IRAs
  • harnessing the power of compound interest

Women invest less than men - up to 40% less shows one survey by Wealthsimple. Finance and investing have been a male dominated world. It’s time for that to change. 


The Wize Women Expo is here to make that happen.


  • Step One

    Register for your free event ticket.

  • Step Two

    Attend the online summit live or watch the VIP recordings on your own time frame. 

  • Step Three

    Gain knowledge and discover strategies to improve your financial future.


Day 1 - Friday, September 18th 

General Session

Session Starts 10am EST

Investing in Debt - Stop Paying Interest And Start Earning It Instead!

It’s time to fire your debt and get on the right side of the cash register. 


Discover the power of compounding interest and how you can be the bank to create cash flow.

More Information About Tracy Z... 

Tracy Z

Creator of Wize Women Investors and Co-Founder of

Liz Faircloth

Co-Founder: DeRosa Group and The Real Estate InvestHER®

Real Estate Investing

Session Starts 11am EST

From 2 to 222 - Learned Lessons From Scaling a Multifamily Portfolio​

Growing a multifamily portfolio is not rocket science, but it does take a lot of grit, hard work and persistence!


Back in 2004, with very little money, knowledge, and contacts in real estate, Liz and her then boyfriend (Matt) bought their first duplex and have never looked back.


Over the past few years, they have been able to scale their portfolio to 1000 units. During this presentation, Liz is going to share the key lessons she has learned as they have grown their portfolio – including the good, bad and ugly!

More Information About Liz Faircloth...

General Session

Session Starts 12pm EST

Using Stock Options To Diversify And Grow Your Portfolio

Want to grow wealth and generate income outside of real estate in order to diversify your investments? 


Many mistakenly believe that ALL options trading is speculative and risky. Learn how to generate income and reduce risk while investing in the stock market using conservative option strategies known as selling "covered calls" and "cash-secured puts." 


Both novice and experienced stock investors will learn valuable information in this fun, easy-to-understand session.

More Information About Laurie Itkin...

Laurie Itkin

"The Options Lady"

Jemila Winsey

CEO/Co-Founder RE/MAX Legacy Living

Real Estate

Session Starts 1pm EST

How To Build Wealth With Small Multifamily Properties

This session will dive into the details of investing in small multi-family deals, identifying and maximizing opportunities including, how to find capital.


How to Build Wealth With Small Multifamily Properties is for you even if you have never purchased an investment property or if you are an experienced investment professional.

More Information about Jemila Winsey...


Session Starts 2pm EST

Lending - The Best Seat At The Table

Do you desire low risk and high return on your time and money?


Are you curious about how you can lend money without having money to lend? 


Do you know what questions you should asking as a borrower? 


Don’t miss this opportunity to learn the secrets of lending successfully and how to fill your financial tool bag with funds to use. 

More Information About Wendy Sweet...

Wendy Sweet

Carolina Hard Money LLC

Samera Harvey

Co-Founder: Trailer Trash Academy 

Mobile Home Investing

Session Starts 3pm EST

Mobile Home Wealth Secrets The Real Estate Gurus Don't Tell You

In this session, you'll discover why mobile home investing is real estate's secret but highly profitable niche AND how you can get started without any prior house flipping experience. 


You're going to learn our top secrets to mobile home investing and our fast & simple way to flip a mobile home to earn $5,000 -$15,000 profit in less than 30 days. 

More Information About Samera Harvey...

General Session

Session Starts 4pm EST

Wealth Building Tips

Ready to accelerate and preserve wealth? Get tips from an attorney turned real estate investor that will help you live a financially successful life. 


Strategies include asset protection planning, investing with self-directed IRAs, private money lending, selling real estate through a section 1031 tax-deferred exchange and more!

More Information About Mary Hart...

Mary Hart

Retired Attorney, Active Real Estate Investor, National Educator, Organic Farmer

Day 2 - Saturday, September 19th

Note Investing

Session Starts 10am EST

Market Shifts: The Note Business Killer

What you may think is an upcoming wealth transfer may end up leaving you confused and paying top dollar for bottom-barrel assets. Don’t believe the hype: Every market shift in the history of the note industry has been a business killer.  


Join Czarina as she breaks down the upcoming market with her “no fluff” approach by combining data, history, and politics so you won’t be left behind with outdated business models.  


Also, learn the one skill every note veteran credits to their continued success and how you can use it to build a business that survives any market.  

More Information About Czarina Harris...

Czarina Harris

Creator and Founder of Note Inc. 

Laura Landgraf

Author, Activist, and Tedx Talk Speaker

Self Improvement

Session Starts 11am EST

Break Your Own Barriers

What’s holding you back?


How to maximize your strengths and circumnavigate your weaknesses.

More Information About Laura Landgraf...

Retirement Planning

Session Starts 12pm EST

EmpowHERed Retirement: Tax Free Investing In Self-Directed IRAs

Discover the keys to creating wealth tax-free.

More Information About Anne Marie Rogers...

Anne Marie Rogers

Certified IRA Services Professional with Quest Trust Company

Dawn Rickabaugh

"The Note Queen"

Owner Financing 

Session Starts 1pm EST

Balancing a Portfolio: Emotional, Financial & Spiritual Equity​

You gotta know when to hold'em, know when to fold'em. Don't step over a spiritual dollar to collect a financial dime.

More Information About Dawn Rickabaugh...

Building a Legacy

Session Starts 2pm EST

When Life Stories Live On, Building A Legacy

Do you want to build a financial legacy for your family?


Discover how real estate, performing notes, and partial structures have played an important role in Martha’s family for four generations.


More Information About Martha Speed...

Martha Speed

Note School

Gail Villanueva

"The Note Gal"

General Investing

Session Starts 2:30pm EST

A Journey In Real Estate - What I Did On My Summer Vacation 2020

From REOs and RV lots to surprises and seller financing, here’s a look at the lessons learned from 7 transactions in the summer of 2020.

More Information About Gail Villaneuva...

Investing In 2nd Liens 

Session Starts 3pm EST

How To Buy 2nd Liens And Distressed Debt

Turning non-performing real estate loans into profitable investments.

More Information About Deepta Hiremath... 

Deepta Hiremath

Real Estate Investor and Distressed Debt Fund Manager 

Tracy Z

Creator of Wize Women Investors and Co-Founder of

General Investing

Session Starts 4pm EST

How to Profit From Real Estate Notes

More Information About Tracy Z...


Let's face it, 2020 has certainly started out as a rough year. This event is geared towards getting back on track and moving towards your financial goals.  


We have assembled some of the best and the brightest. They will inspire and educate as you put together your wealth-building plan for you, your family, and your future. 


This event is about helping people, and you have a free invite. 

It's completely free to watch the live presentations

You can watch all the presentations live and they will be kept online for an additional 48 hours. You can also purchase a VIP Access Pass if you want lifetime access to the recordings!

Watch from anywhere and on any device

Login from wherever you are during the expo on your Computer, Laptop, Phone or Tablet. No need to travel hundreds of miles to a hotel or miss the event if you are on vacation.

No selling, just pure educational presentations to help you

Wize Women Expo is filled with the latest actionable information to help you achieve your goals and dreams. We have informed every speaker that this is not to be some 'pitch-fest.' We want real action items that attendees can put to use, right away! 

handpicked collection of talented topic experts

Every one of our expert speakers have been selected for their proven excellence and knowledge in their niche, so you know you will be learning from the best.


  • You have probably seen lots of shows with people 'flipping' real estate for a profit. Learn how to do it the right way! 

  • The secret may be out on how a self directed IRA could be the key to your standard of living in your later years. We brought in several experts to guide you through this. 

  • Have you ever wondered what all the fuss is about when it comes to mobile homes and why some people 'flip' and some people 'hold?' - Which is right for THIS market?

  • Looking for passive income? Like the idea of real estate but not thrilled with dealing with tenants and toilets? You are going to want to watch the sessions on purchasing (or brokering) private mortgage notes! 

  • Maybe you have some great ideas for 2020 and just need a nudge in the right direction. Some of our speakers show that if they can do it - so can you! 

  • It seems that someone always knows someone making money via the Internet. We have a session geared to showing the REAL ways to make money and what to avoid. 


This is YOUR Chance to Get In On The Action!

No Selling. No Hype. Pure Content For You To Plan A REAL Future! 

Where is the event being held? 

Is the event really Free?

Who is this Expo best suited too? 

What if I can't make the live event on Sept 18th - 19th? 

If you can not make the event live, there are a limited number of VIP spots available. VIP status gives you complete access to a private member area where ALL THE SESSIONS will be stored for you to watch on your own schedule. Additionally, once you have VIP will have access to those recordings and audio files...for life! 

Is the Expo Really Just Online?

Yep. No one wants to pay $6 for a bottle of hotel water and sit in uncomfortable chairs for nearly 72 hours! You can watch these speakers from anywhere...on a computer, tablet, or smart phone!